Tahiti Wooden Pieces and Board

Tahiti Chess Set

Everyone knows just what a standard chess set should look like, however, more modern sets have recently taken on a host of different shapes and sizes to create a more unusual view of the game. If you’re looking for a chess set which will be just as decorative as it will be functional, this Tahiti-inspired set could be the perfect one for you.

Ideal for the chess player who has everything, this unique set features hard-carved pieces which have taken their inspiration from Tahiti’s traditional culture. Each individual piece has its own unique character and has been hand-painted in gorgeous, rich colours, prominently featuring browns, yellows and greens.

The level of detail in this set stands testament to its high quality. Each piece also stands on its own solid wooden base which has been hand-carved. The inlaid wood is extremely intricately patterned, in two-tone colours for extra style.

The board itself is also highly unique, with each individual square having its own slightly raised space in one of two beautiful coloured woods. The textured surface of the board adds even more visual appeal to this unusual set. While some players may not like the fact, they won’t be able to slide the pieces over the board. The fact that you can’t do this means that there’ll be no marks or damage to your beautifully hand-carved board.

Decorative, modern and extremely unusual, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better set for a keen collector than this one.

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