Chess Betting

These days, those who love to bet really can enjoy placing a wager on pretty much everything, and chess is now no exception. While betting on chess with online bookmakers may not be widespread yet, there are certainly a few online operators who are now offering a range of chess markets to a niche following.

Betting on chess may be a relatively new concept, but for those who love to place a wager as well as those who are fans of this game, there are some highly lucrative bets to discover in such a small betting market. There aren’t too many punters to bet on this niche sport, and therefore you could get some bets with a much higher than expected value.

Betting on the World Chess Competitions

What Kinds of Bets Can You Place on Chess?

The most obvious wager you can place on any chess game is who will come out as the winner of any specific tournament. You can place a wager on either one of the players to be the winner, or you can bet on a draw. There are also some other more unusual bets, such as those on the opening moves, or the total number of moves under or over a particular threshold.

Is There A Strategy for Betting on Chess?

Strategies for chess betting.

Although chess is a complex game, when it comes to analysing and betting on this sport it is fairly simple. Since there are only two players in action, it’s simpler to analyse possible outcomes when compared to something like a football match which has lots of different player interactions and multiple variables. Here are some factors to consider if you’re planning on placing a wager on chess.

  • ELO rating – this is the best tool to compare chess players’ skillsets. Check out their historical results to see improved probabilities.
  • Subjective analysis – take a look at players’ historical openings and other recent pro matches which players may have been taking inspiration from.

Which Chess Events Should I Bet On?

Chess games are going on worldwide on a regular basis, but you can’t bet on all of them. These options are the ones you’re most likely to find at your favourite online bookmaker for wagering on:

  • World Chess Championship – this is the chess world’s most anticipated tournament. The World Champion will defend his title in a set of as many as 12 matches.
  • Candidate Tournaments – these are held before the World Championship to determine who will be facing the existing World Champion during the World Chess Championship.
  • Chess Olympiad – this is the largest international chess team event with teams from across the globe playing for several days to determine one winner. Both women and men’s teams compete, with each team having four players.

Although chess is a relatively new addition to online sportsbooks, it is proving to be of great interest to both the betting and chess communities. Keen punters are always looking for lucrative niche bets, while chess fans can get a lot more excitement and entertainment from their game by putting a wager on the outcome of any chess tournament.