Marble Chess Board and Pieces

Marble Chess Set

If you want a traditional chess set with something just a little unusual about it, this marble chessboard and pieces is the perfect addition to your collection. Made from gorgeous natural materials, this marble set is something completely different from your standard wooden set.

Its 12 inch by 12-inch board has a base made from luxurious white marble together with natural black stone. Each alternate square has been inlaid with beautiful inlay art for a unique and incredibly stylish look. This design utilises an inlay method which is very similar to that used in the Taj Mahal and is crafted by hand for a luxury appearance and high quality.

The chess pieces also come included. These are made from brown and yellow premium quality natural woods, with the king measuring 2.25 inches in height – an ideal height to hold comfortably in your hand. Beautifully crafted by hand for a regal appearance, the pieces are durable and robust – just perfect for games with friends or for more serious tournaments. They also have felt on the bottom to prevent scratching or damage to the board.

As you would expect from any natural stone product, this marble and stone chessboard often features shade and colour differences as well as veins for a unique appearance to each board. The smooth surface is very beautiful and pleasant to play on.

This is a perfect collectable set for any lover of chess, but thanks to its strong and robust design, it’s also ideal for regular play.

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