Glass Chess Set

Glass Chess Board with Pieces

If you’re looking for a very beautiful chess set that doesn’t just offer a great way to play the game but also acts as a stylish addition to your home décor, a glass chess set is the one for you. Glass chess pieces first appeared during the 9th century, so they have a long heritage. During the 19th century, Italian craftsmen first began to produce more modern versions, and today there are countless different examples of traditional and more unusual glass chess sets available on the market.

With its solid glass pieces, this set isn’t just practical, it’s also beautiful. With one set of pieces in clear glass and the other set in opaque, frosted glass, the look is simple and classical. The board, too, is also made from glass and the result is an elegant and minimalistic design that will complement any display cabinet.

Unlike some other glass chess sets, this board and pieces aren’t too delicate to play with regularly. Despite their glass construction, they are sturdy and have a pleasant hand-feel for a comfortable game. The board has a mirror-like finish. However, you won’t need to worry about accidentally scratching and damaging it with the pieces since they have a felt bottom to ensure that no marks will be created by moving them across the board.

This is also a smaller than average sized set, so it can also be used for travel as well as for use in the home. You won’t need to worry about breakage since the box is well-packed.

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