Wooden Chess Set

Wooden Chess Set

There is nothing more traditional than a classic wooden chess set. Whether you’re new to the game or whether you’re ready to upgrade to a more stylish and longer-lasting set, this hand-crafted wooden board is the one for you.

This chessboard is beautifully finished to the highest standards, having been handcrafted from quality wood. It is also foldable, so you can easily store it away when not in use.

The wooden base features beautiful inlaid wooden squares, and the pawns are magnetic, being hand-carved individually from brown and yellow beautifully polished wood.

The board measures 12” by 12” – the perfect size for playing with family or friends around the dining table. It folds down to 12” by 6” to be stored away. The king measures approximately 2.25” in height – the ideal size to hold in your hand. The other pieces are all directly proportional to the size of the king for a wonderfully cohesive look.

The wooden box also acts as storage where you can keep the pieces when they aren’t in use. It has been inlaid with a luxurious satin-feel cloth to protect the pieces from any harm or damage. As the box is made from Indian rosewood and boxwood, it has an aesthetically appealing sheen, and with its magnetic pieces and folding design, it is the ideal set for use while travelling. If you need a chess set to take on vacation, this is the one for you, although it is equally suitable for use in the home.

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