Stylish Wooden Chess Pieces

Wooden Chess Pieces

Perhaps you already have a wooden chess board but would like to upgrade your existing chess pieces for some more stylish ones? If so, you might be looking for something a little more unusual rather than the traditionally shaped knights, pawns and rooks.

These gorgeously carved pieces are hand-crafted from high-quality light and dark woods to add even more fun and style to your regular game. Although these pieces have their own unique shape and style, they are still sturdy and robust. You can easily play every day with these pieces without worrying about any possible damage or breakage.

The level of detail on each piece is unique. Each figure has its own clearly visible character, with every piece perfectly reflecting its own nature. Each character has been created in perfect proportion to the others for a natural flow, and the intricate additions of crowns, shields and swords really make this set something special for any fan of the beautiful game.

You can either purchase these figures separately for use with any chessboard of your own choice, or you can buy them with a matching beautifully hand-carved chessboard made from high-quality woods. With its gorgeously polished finish, it is a beautiful addition to your home décor when not in use.

Solid, sturdy and durable, this chessboard with its matching hand-carved pieces will be a wonderful addition to your chess collection in your home, whether you’re a serious tournament player or whether you enjoy casual games with friends.

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