Official World Chess Set

Official World Chess Set


A limited edition chess set produced specifically for the 2018 World Chess Championship Cycle. The edition is 200 numbered sets.

This Official Championship chess set is being produced for the 2018 World Chess Championship Match which will take place in November of 2018 in London. The only set approved as official by the World Chess Federation. it has been used exclusively in the World Chess Championship Matches since 2013. This edition is handmade and individually checked for quality. 

The set was designed by Daniel Weil of Pentagram. The pieces are based on the proportions of classical Greek architecture and the classic Staunton design and are distinctive and mindful of tradition. These chessmen had become the standard for tournament pieces.

An edition of 200, each set is individually numbered. 

— 3.5'' King
— Extra Queens
— 2.7 kilos weight
— Ebonized boxwood. 
— Chessmen and packaging designed by Pentagram in England